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Delivering Veterinary CPR training

Can you remember the last time you had formal CPR training?

Most of us in Veterinary Medicine have had very little formal training Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training and we are here to change that!

Accessible, affordable and effective our unique blend of theory and practical will have your teams confident with CPR before you can say staying alive… Well not quite, but give us 2 hours and watch them go. 

The sessions are limited to six attendees to allow maximum participation and a supportive learning environment.

Delivering up to 3 sessions a day means we are able to train most medium sized practices in a day. Attendees from varying roles within the practice are encouraged to attend the sessions, reflecting the team you would typically have during a CPR code.

VetMed CPR

For the first part of the CPR Training, we focus on the theory of CPR with an introduction to the RECOVER guidelines. We spend time perfecting our basic life support skills and make full use of the mannequins in a safe environment.

Simulations make up the next part and we spend time on the clinic floor. This allows us to develop the skills from the first session into your work environment. Practices often find this part very insightful and allows for excellent opportunity for discussion.

We bring all our own equipment and some fun gadgets, plus we are fully insured and as fellow veterinary professionals we understand the pressures of practice. If your team could benefit from standardised CPR training, please get in touch.

If you’re looking for more in-depth RECOVER training and RECOVER Rescuer Certification, then the retreat would be ideal for you! You can find out more information here.

Why choose us?

Relatable and approachable RVNs who are experienced in delivering team training

Affordable- from just £38 per person excluding expenses.

RECOVER Rescuer trained 

Registered company The PetMed CPR Education company ltd. 

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