Delivering Veterinary CPR training


  • £250 for the first group of 6 people
  • £200 for the second group of 6 people
  • £150 for the third group of 6 people

Plus, milage at 45p a mile from your assigned trainer, we will always allocate the closest trainer to you unless you request differently.

All sessions must be delivered over the same day to benefit from the reduced rate. Groups are capped at a maximum of 6. If you have more than 18 people needing training please contact us. A maximum of 3 groups can be trained per day.

In order to accommodate customers located at a significant distance from
our base, we have an extended travel surcharge in place. This surcharge
helps cover the costs associated with extended travel, including
transportation, lodging, and additional logistical arrangements. It
ensures that we can reach your location and provide our training
services effectively while considering the additional time and resources
required for an extended stay. This is £100 currently and will be added to practices more than 2 hours away from our trainers.

We value transparency and want to inform

you about this surcharge upfront, allowing you to make an informed
decision regarding your training needs. Our goal is to deliver
exceptional training experiences to all our customers, regardless of
their geographical location. 

We understand that weekends may be more convenient for some customers, and we strive to offer flexibility in scheduling. 

Colleges, universities and charities please get in touch and let’s see how I can help.