Expanding the VetMed CPR Team- Veterinary CPR Training for all

2024 is the year that Veterinary CPR training for becomes more accessible! A common topic in the ECC congress but something that is far better taught in situ. Veterinary CPR is a skill that every individual in VetMed can benefit from. Plus, those outside of it, groomer, walkers, and pet sitters included.

Over the last year I’ve provided Veterinary CPR training for over 200 veterinary professionals and had nothing but overwhelmingly positive feedback. Feedback that makes me so proud to be providing such a needed service. I’m privileged to have created a brand and a product that has worked with my main role as a mum and has been able to be balanced alongside my chronic illnesses.

Being able to offer more sessions is something I’ve been keen to do for a while, plus reducing travel time and costs for the practices. Franchising the VetMed CPR coach didn’t sit right with me. That required financial investment from fellow RVNS, and I know that at the moment this isn’t that easy for them. So, the company has been registered and we are now a limited company ‘The PetMed CPR Education Company’ and with that comes team members!

Veterinary CPR Training- Meet Claire and Katy

Claire and Katy are two RVNs who are just as obsessed with Veterinary CPR Training as I am. I know that’s hard to believe but they really are. They are also fab human beings and experienced teachers. Claire in an FE college environment and Katy within the practice team. Katy is currently employed in practice and is a theatre nurse part time. Katy is based in Northamptonshire and can’t wait to help your teams.

Claire and I have been friends for over a decade and have worked together in many capacities. We taught together and Claire is now an IQA based in Devon. Both Katy and Claire have attended the retreats and are certified RECOVER Rescuers. They will be shadowing me throughout May to learn the VetMed CPR coach way of delivering Veterinary CPR training. All equipment and training materials will be what practices have come to love and they will mean we can make CPR training more accessible!

We are taking bookings for Claire, Katy and myself for June onwards and can’t wait to meet your teams and get them more confident with Veterinary CPR.

Veterinary CPR Training