What’s involved in the Inhouse Veterinary CPR training sessions?

Years of teaching in both classroom and within practice have led to my signature inhouse veterinary CPR training sessions. Designed to cover both theory and practical aspects of Veterinary CPR in a bite size two hours. It’s important to note this is an introduction to CPR the RECOVER way but is perfect for all members of the team, clinical and non-clinical. Designed to lay some sold foundations for your CPR attempts.
There is some pre-work, questionnaires to get participants really thinking about where they are on their CPR journey. Sessions are limited to 6 attendees; this allows for participation and inclusive atmosphere. I start the session with an introduction to RECOVER and the Algorithm. For some members of the team this may be their first experience of RECOVER and their Algorithm but for others this will be a refresh. For those that perhaps already have knowledge of Veterinary CPR and RECOVER the retreat might be something they would really benefit from.
Once we’ve covered the theory of basic life support (BLS) we explore practical aspects of BLS. Assessing chest compressions and getting to grips with equipment such as Ambu-Bags. A range of resources and some activities are used to really get the groups active and involved. This generally takes about an hour and then we start considering switching and how to run BLS with minimal numbers. We have plenty of opportunity to discuss and trouble shoot.
After the groups are happy with BLS it’s time to move onto ALS, sadly the inhouse training doesn’t offer the time to have a deep dive into ALS and this is something the retreat alongside RECOVER Rescuer Certification really offers. The retreat provides more opportunities to work through ALS scenarios. Once we’ve considered ALS it’s time to move onto the clinical floor.
For me this is the insightful and enlightening part of the sessions. We all think we know things will run during a code but in reality, this is often not the case. We have plenty of time to analyse what the first simulation showed and then we work on addressing any issues before a final simulation before we head back to take the standard pics with certificates and reflect on what we’ve learnt.
If this sounds like something that your team would benefit from, please get in touch, more information about pricing and how the day will work can be found here.
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