Why pick a CPR Retreat vs In-house training

I often wonder if it was a mistake offering in house CPR training when I already offered CPR Retreats, but I’ve come to realise they are very different and serve different needs. They offer very different outcomes and whilst the goal is shared the process is not.
The in-house training is an introduction to the RECOVER guidelines. Over 2 hours we explore the algorithm and the associated guidelines. Basic life support (BLS) is covered in detail, and we have ample opportunity to get hands on and perfect our BLS technique. After BLS we then start to touch on Advanced life support (ALS) but the focus is very much team roles and perfecting BLS.
A key part of the In-house training is the accessibility for all members of the practice team to develop and learn BLS. This includes front of house and non-clinical team members, especially in a practice where perhaps all the team are required to get involved during CPR. Simulations within the practice are a key part of the sessions and this allows attendees to become familiar with their own environment and team.
So, for those looking for an introduction to RECOVER and the chance to get hands on with BLS the inhouse CPR training could be ideal.
Crucially the Retreats offer the opportunity to become a RECOVER Rescuer. For those with an interest in CPR the RECOVER online courses are a natural and obvious training choice. It is excellent course that offers great value for money for the learner. As well as the Rescuer certification we deliver additional sessions that really equip attendees to overhaul and standardise their CPR within practice.
Being limited to just 10 attendees the retreats offer ample space for conversation with fellow CPR enthusiasts and peer learning is beneficial for all of us. Whilst the in-house CPR training offers hands on practical with mannequins the retreats take it up a notch with simulation software that provides attendees with the chance to polish their ALS skills.
Yoga and wellness are a key part of the retreat. All meals are prepared by a chef for us, and yoga sessions are factored into the timetable. The accommodation is stunning and offer the perfect opportunity to relax and focus on your development.
The Retreats appeal to those who have already completed the online training and have an interest in CPR already. Catering for the clinical team who want to explore ALS in a safe and supportive learning environment.
They are very different but fundamentally the focus with both is to make CPR less overwhelming and to do so in a fun and supportive way. If you have any questions about the RECOVER Rescuer certification, the retreats or Inhouse training get in touch. You can find me on Instagram or sign up to the newsletter to get to know more.

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